Pergola SO! in the garden
couple enjoying the Pergola SO!

A Pergola SO! is multi-purpose addition to your home thanks to its louvred roof and numerous personalisation options. It is your favourite place in the garden, where you experience countless wonderful, convivial moments – not only on summer, but all year round. The overhead louvres automatically follow the position of the sun, so there is really nothing for you to do except enjoy!

Discover five ways to use your Pergola SO! below.

Pergola SO! at the pool

1. Poolhouse

You love swimming in a pool – even if it’s just an inflatable one ? Transform your Pergola SO! into a pool house, where you can dry off and get changed in peace and quiet. The wooden sliding doors or screens provide the necessary privacy and protect you from the sun and the wind.

Dive into the pool, dry off, relax ... and repeat!

Pergola SO! outdoor cinema

2. Outdoor cinema or games room

Are you a film buff? Ever dreamed of having a cinema of your own? Create one in your garden: beneath your pergola! Thanks to the projector holder, screens and sockets you can binge watch your favourite films and series all day long!

Or would you rather organise a gaming session with your friends in the evening? Thanks to the dimmable LED lighting system you can adjust the lighting as you please. You can also opt for RGB lighting – just like on your gaming keyboard.

Pergola SO! wood look louvres

3. Romantic evening beneath the stars

Are you looking for the perfect venue for a romantic date? How about your own garden, beneath the louvred roof of your pergola?

There is no better place to create a romantic atmosphere, thanks to the LED lighting and the canopy of stars above. The subtly integrated Bluetooth speakers provide a perfect soundtrack in the background to make the setting complete. All you need to do is select your favourite playlist on your smartphone!

Outdoor brunch or breakfast under the SO!

4. Outdoor brunch or breakfast

There’s nothing more important than quality time with the whole family! Start in the morning with a convivial breakfast beneath the louvred roof of your Pergola SO! Still a little chilly out? The infrared heating keeps you warm and the screens protect you from the wind.


Lounging under the Pergola SO!

5. Lounge area

The SO! Pergola with its automatic slat system is synonymous with outdoor living at its very best – and the perfect place to lounge around all day long. All your creature comforts are within reach: music, light, protection from the sun and wind, and the perfect mix of sun and shade, at every moment of the day!>

The best recipe for unforgettable moments? The sun, a Pergola SO! and people you enjoy having around you.

Pergola SO! with glass sliding walls

Are you interested in a SO! pergola of your own? Request a free quote or a visit to your home. One of our advisers will drop by soon, armed with our AR app, to show you exactly what the SO! of your dreams could look like, in your very own garden!

We hope to see you soon!