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Pergola SO!

SO! options & finishes

Protected regardless of the weather conditions

Enjoy your terrace or your garden under your SO!, every day, throughout the year! You can add various partitions and options to the SO!

Pergola SO! houten schuifwanden

Wooden partitions: cosy and warm

The wooden partitions protect you from the elements and add a nice finishing flourish to your SO! What’s more, they add a unique and stylish element to the design.

  • Maintenance-free Thermowood: don't worry about sanding and varnishing!
  • PVC handles + lacquered finish in the same color as the outside structure for an extra design look
  • Stylish Sergé fabric on the outside for extra protection
Pergola SO schuifwanden

Glass partitions

Glass sliding walls ensure optimum light, while you are still protected against the weather. You can easily turn your Pergola SO! a stylish pavilion, in which you can retreat and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Safety above all, so we provide safety glass(10 mm – ESG/H)

  • Integrated handles for extra ease of use
  • Discreet cylindrical stainless steel handle as an additional design element
  • Underside of the structure in the same RAL lacquer