Pergola SO! patio covering
Aluminium pergola with wood look finish

Protected regardless of the weather conditions

Add a nice finishing flourish to your Pergola SO! with the wooden and glass sliding walls and screens to create your own cosy corner in your garden. Or why not transform your terrace into a lovely garden room with louvres that resemble real wood?

Pergola SO! with louvres that resemble real wood

New – Louvres with a wood look finish

Missing the warmth of timber? How about louvres that look like real wood? Will you also be spending many enjoyable hours under your SO! with its wood look ceiling?

  • The top of the louvre is coated in the matt RAL colour of your choice.
  • Choose one of these three wood finishes for the bottom of the louvre: natural oak, light grey oak or dark brown oak.
Pergola SO! with sliding walls in wood

Wooden partitions

The wooden partitions protect you from the elements and add a nice finishing flourish to your SO! What’s more, they add a unique and stylish element to the design.

  • Maintenance-free Thermowood: don't worry about sanding and varnishing!
  • PVC handles + lacquered finish in the same color as the outside structure for an extra design look
  • Stylish Sergé fabric on the outside for extra protection
Pergola SO! with glass sliding walls

Glass partitions

Glass sliding walls ensure optimum light, while you are still protected against the weather. You can easily turn your Pergola SO! a stylish pavilion, in which you can retreat and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Safety above all, so we provide safety glass(10 mm – ESG/H)

  • Integrated handles for extra ease of use
  • Discreet cylindrical stainless steel handle as an additional design element
  • Underside of the structure in the same RAL lacquer
Pergola SO! with closed wind resistant screen

Wind-resistant screens

The zipped SolFix screens make sitting under your Pergola SO! even more pleasant. They keep out the sun’s rays and protect you from the breeze.

  • Sergé 600 screens with a 5% opening factor, available in more than 50 colours
  • Comply with the highest European CE wind resistance standard: wind class 3 (6 Beaufort)
  • The screens can also be mounted afterwards
Pergola SO! with screens and glass partitions

Screens + glass partitions

Combine screens and glass sliding walls for the ultimate in comfort in your outdoor living space. While you enjoy your garden and the surroundings... Too much sun in your eyes? Our stylish SolFix screens keep the sun out of your cosy cocoon!

  • The screens are mounted on the outside of the walls (also possible at a later stage)
  • High-quality Sergé 600 screens in more than 50 colours
  • Safety glass walls (10 mm – ESG/H)