Freestanding patio pergola

with everything you need!

Imagine .... Enjoying your Pergola SO! looking out over your beautiful garden. Shielded from the harsh sun and unpleasant wind. Sounds good, right?

A Pergola SO! completes your garden. It is the cherry on the pie.

Are you looking for an example of a pergola for your garden with all comfort you may need? This Pergola SO! Star in Mol is the perfect source of inspiration for you!

Black pergola SO! with screens and wooden sliding wall
pergola SO with louvered roof and wooden sliding wall Black patio pergola with louvre roof Sideview Pergola SO Pergola SO! louvered pergola with wind-resistant screens Patio roof with wooden sliding wall and heating Louvered Pergola SO! Detail of the louvres and wind-resistant screens Detail heating pergola SO! Pergola SO! with grey screen Pergola SO! with fully closed grey screen Detached louvered pergola SO! Detail louvre roof Pergola SO!

The outdoor life... In every season!

Be inspired by the pictures of this SO! Star with intelligent solar tracking, rain and wind sensor, wooden sliding wall, screens, LED starry sky, Bluetooth speakers, and infrared heating.

This Pergola SO! has been created to truly live and enjoy the outdoors. In every season!