The true value of living outdoors

A Pergola SO! patio pergola in your garden... Pure joy.

This family will have twice as much joy thanks to their 2 SO! Cosy pergolas for even more time and experiences spent outdoors.

Both pergolas rest on 3 poles and are attached to the façade of the home. Infrared heating keeps you warm when it is chilly, and the screens provide the necessary protection against wind and harsh sunlight.

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Double Pergola SO! patio roof Outdoor living Pergola SO! Pergola SO! operating screen via the app Detail louvres Pergola SO! patio pergola Sideview Pergola SO! with screen and infrared heating Detail wind-resistant screen Pergola SO! Below the Pergola SO with a view at the garden Pergola SO! with closed screens and infrared heating Pergola SO! patio roof at the pool White Pergola SO! Cosy Sideview completed Pergola SO! Outdoor living with Pergola SO! Sideview Pergola SO!

Double SO! joy

Enjoying your breakfast with the first rays of light in the morning, hosting a fun BBQ with friends in the afternoon, and enjoying a drink with a view of your garden in the evening... The opportunities offered by a Pergola SO! are endless.

Be inspired by this SO!