Pergola SO!: just like in the fairy tales

A fantastic view of our garden and plants... Something we all want Enjoying this view underneath a Pergola SO! is even better. In the right setting, your patio pergola may become the place to be for a cosy and romantic evening amidst the greenery.

Such as at this SO! Cosy, with a great view of the pond and the fields in the distance.

The optional screens create the necessary privacy and protection against wind and the bright or low sun. Turn down the LED lighting, play some ambient music, and enjoy the romance.

Rechthoekige zwarte Pergola SO! Cosy
Freestanding Pergola SO! Cosy Black Pergola SO! patio roof Black Pergola SO! with a view at the garden Pergola SO! with closed screen at the left Detail socket in pole Pergola SO! Detail Pergola SO! louvres, screen, LED lighting Sideview Pergola SO! with closed grey wind-resistant screen Below the Pergola SO! patio roof with louvres Big rectangular patio roof with louvres Pergola SO with view at the pond and garden

An idyllic view

This black SO! Cosy is equipped with all comfort to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. The automatic awnings make sure that the slats are always in the right position. Need electricity? We can install sockets and USB ports in all poles (default in SO! Chic and SO! Star).

Get carried away by the pictures next to the text!