A linked Pergola SO!, ideal for large patios

Do you want to cover your entire patio to create even more space for your home outside? You can cover any surface using the various linked modules and additional poles.

This is precisely what the owners of this renovated home did. Our dealer, Nipaco-Storme, placed 2 Pergola SO!s and linked them together. The poles support the pergola and offer room for the Bluetooth speakers and sockets.

These linked SO! Star pergolas were finished with wind-resistant screens to the sides to offer the necessary protection from the elements.

Linked Pergola SO! Star
Linked Pergola SO! with 2 units Linked Pergola SO! with screens at the sides Pergola SO! with dimmable LED lighting and automatic louvres Detail  Bluetooth speaker and screen - Pergola SO! Detail LED lighting below a Pergola SO! with infrared heating Linked Pergola SO! patio roof Pergola SO! wind and rain sensor Patio pergola wiht automatic louvres - Pergola SO! Pergola SO! detail outlet in the pole

Below the starry sky

A Pergola SO! Star is by default equipped with LED lights on the louvres. This starry sky and the other adjustable LED lighting systems make this patio pergola a cosy place to reside, even when the sun goes down.