Sleek & modern Pergola SO!

A Pergola SO! patio pergola fits any architectural style. Classic, rural, modern... You can freely choose the look of your patio pergola.

This family chose for a Pergola SO! Cosy on 2 poles attached to the rear façade. The white colour of the frame and the screen at the front complement the sleek style of the home.

Sleek & modern Pergola SO!
Pergola SO! white patio pergola Pergola SO! modern house with patio pergola with white screens Pergola SO! with closed screen, modern styled house White patio pergola with white screen at the front Patio pergola with louvres White patio pergola with louvres White patio pergola with louvres and screens Completed Pergola SO! with fully closed screen sideview Pergola SO! SIdeview Pergola SO! with closed screen Detail socket and USB loading point Pergola SO! Detail screen Pergola SO! Detail white screen Pergola SO! Pergola SO! with automatic louvres as roof Detail Bluetooth speakers Pergola SO! Detail patio pergola with louvres Pergola SO! automatic louvres

Less is more

The modern construction style is sleek and minimalistic. Without disrupting elements. Just like this SO! Cosy patio pergola with all required comfort such as a wind-resistant screen, a power socket, and Bluetooth speakers.

This family can spend every hour of their days underneath their SO! thanks to the direct LED lighting. They determine the angle of the slats themselves using the handy app.