Enjoy your Pergola SO! protected from the outdoors

We Belgians are born with a brick in our stomach, but our gardens are also important! A Pergola SO! patio pergola is the perfect way to transform your garden and patio into the garden of your dreams. Live like a king, every day of your life!

Underneath this SO! Cosy, you can reside many comfortable hours as the louvres adjust automatically based on the position of the sun. The patio pergola rests on 4 poles and can be closed off at 3 sides using the grey Solfix screens. You can easily control these using the SO! app on your smartphone.

Patio pergola with grey screens Pergola SO!
Pergola SO! patio roof Black patio roof with automatic louvres Pergola SO! with grey screen Fully closed Pergola SO! by grey wind-resistant screens Pergola SO! front with partially closed screen Pergola SO! patio roof with screens and louvres Detail closed wind-resistant screen Pergola SO! Closed screen view at the garden Closed screen see-through Pergola SO! Pergola SO! patio roof with screens Below the Pergola SO with view at the garden Patio pergola with screens Detail wind-restistant screens Pergola SO! Detail screens Below the SO! detail screen and louvres

A pleasant micro-climate

A cosy BBQ or a relaxed time on your patio. A Pergola SO! is versatile and enhances your home and garden. The automatic slats create a pleasant atmosphere where you can reside comfortably, shielded from the elements.

Need more inspiration? Enjoy the setting through the pictures of this project.