Patio curtains: stylish, romantic and cosy

Transform your Pergola SO! into an outdoor living space with outdoor curtains. These curtains are available in a variety of fabrics and colours so there is always one that suits your pergola and perfectly matches the style of your home.

Curtains work really well with pergolas in the southern climes and elicit that holiday feeling. They might also find a place in your own garden. Visit our showrooms to discover the endless possiblities.

Pergola SO! outdoor living space with cutains
Pergola SO! patio roof at the pool Pergola SO! with wooden sliding wall and patio curtain Pergola SO! holiday feeling in your own garden Detail Bluetooth speaker and outdoor curtain fabric Detail USB port Pergola SO! Pergola SO! outdoor curtains for patio roof Pergola SO! wooden sliding doors Pergola SO! with screens and wooden sliding doors Pergola SO! patio roof with outdoor curtains


Going on holiday? That’s no longer necessary when you have a Pergola SO! in your garden. From now on, you can just enjoy the beautiful weather at home.

Get some inspiration from this installation using screens, wooden sliding doors and outdoor curtains.