Pure enjoyment of the outdoors

The owners of this SO! Cosy spend as much time in their outdoor garden room as possible – and it is possible, because their SO! provides all the home comforts such as electrical outlets, usb charging points, heating and direct and indirect led lighting.  

The led-lit Starry Sky ensures a romantic mood as evening falls, while the screens offer the necessary privacy.

Pergola SO! aluminium patio roof
ALluminium patio roof Pergola SO! Pergola SO! patio roof with automated louvres Pergola SO! at the pool Pergola SO! aluminium design patio roof Pergola SO! patio roof for shade Pergola SO! with starry sky and screen for protection against the sun Pergola SO! led lighting and start sky Pergola SO! detail of the opened louvres Pergola SO! patio roof Pergola SO! led lights in the louvres Pergola SO! with led lighting at the pool

Golden hour

Enjoy every moment of the day with your Pergola SO! – how about an extensive breakfast followed by a convivial lunchtime barbecue and then an elegant and delicious drink before dinner. 

Take a look at the photos of this SO! Cosy.