Hospitality industry solution

Do you need more space for your customers? Adding a Pergola SO! to your outside dining areas quickly delivers extra seating without breaking up any masonry or undertaking extensive renovations. Thanks to the SO!’s different side closures, your customers are safe from wind and rain, as you can see in this installation with sliding glass walls.

Curious to discover this SO! Star with its ‘starry sky’ feature? Pop into lunch bar Delissima in the Lippenslaan in Knokke (Belgium)!

Aluminium pergola RGB lighting
Cafe with Pergola SO! RGB lighting Patio roof Pergola SO! with led coloured led lighting Pergola SO! patio roof with coloured led lighting Detail louvres with green led lighting Pergola SO! Pergola SO! with direct and indirect coloured led lighting Pergola SO! patio roof with led lighting Pergola SO! led lighting and glass sliding walls Pergola SO! patio roof automatic louvres

Coloured led lighting

The RGB led lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere and provides sufficient light as night falls. You can, for example, use an energetic green colour in the morning, then change to a warm orange or romantic red tone in the evenings. There’s a colour for every moment of the day!