5 tips for the perfect winter BBQ underneath your Pergola SO!
Christmas tree under a Pergola SO!

A Pergola SO! patio pergola with louvered roof expands your home. Additional living space to enjoy your garden with your family or friends. Not just during summer, but throughout the year!

Even if it gets colder outside. Leave the beaten path and organise a winter BBQ underneath your Pergola SO!

Our 5 tips and recipes turn it into a successful party with a cosy, wintery touch. Maybe something for the holidays?

Homemade Glühwein

Wintery drinks
to warm you up

No party or BBQ without drinks. But what is the ideal drink for a cosy time, Christmas, and a wintery mood? Glühwein, of course! And you can easily make it yourself. A hot mojito or an Irish Coffee is also sure to warm up your guests. Discover the recipes at the bottom of this page!

Do you prefer a drink without alcohol? Everyone loves a cup of homemade hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and some whipped cream.

Apero-time, champagne and crips under the Pergola SO!

Wintery snacks
to fill your stomach

Try something new and choose for game like deer, swine, or duck on the BBQ. Something which is perfect for the cosiest time of the year! Or make pizzas that everyone can decorate to their taste.

Or do you like cheese? Why not try and fondue on the BBQ? Melt the cheese in an aluminium tray and dip pieces of bread into the melted cheese. Snack away!

Detail of the Bluetooth speaker in the Pergola SO!

Wintery playlist
to get lost by

Immerse your guests in the mood with your own wintery playlist! Will you choose for the Christmas classics, or play something else?

Create your playlist online using Spotify or download your favourite music to your smartphone. You do not need additional speakers, as you can equip your pergola with Bluetooth speakers. Curious about the quality? Test it yourself at one of our points of sale!

Christmas decoration

Wintery background
to please the eye

Transform your Pergola SO! into the cosiest place on Earth. Put some pillows and blankets down to cosily nestle together, place some candles and tea lights, and decorate your patio pergola with garlands and lights.

Get some napkins with wintery patterns and select your tableware based on the season: golden cutlery, your most beautiful cups and crockery, ... A lost bauble or some pine branches to finish the scene.

Small firepit with buring wood

Wintery cosiness
with warmth and light

No temperatures above 21 °C in winter. This means that you must make sure to provide sufficient warmth and light. Place a brazier to gather around and grill marshmallows. The infrared heating of your Pergola SO! will also keep your guests warm.

Play around with the built-in LED lighting: dim them, select a different colour temperature, or even use yellow, green, or red light. The LED starry sky in the slatted roof completes the scene.