Red Dot Design
Winsol Team at the Red Dot Design Award gala

Winsol conferred Red Dot Design Award for its Pergola SO! and the solar-powered SolarFixscreens

The Red Dot Design Award has been conferred annually since 1955 to draw public attention to products that combine innovation, design and ease of use. Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, puts together a jury charged with assessing more than 11,000 products from 61 indifferent countries. The nominations include products from brands such as LG, ASUS, CISCO and Motorola.

Selection criteria

The international jury, which is composed of 37 independent experts, assesses the new products on the following criteria:



The SO! Pergola scored highly due to its smart geolocation-based motorised control unit. This intelligent solar tracking system enables the overhead slats to automatically follow the position of the sun and be adjusted without the user having to lift even a finger.



It is not without reason that the Red Dot Design Award has included the word ‘design’ in its name. The professional jury was quite enthusiastic about the way in which the functional elements – like the speakers and the charge points – were discreetly built into the pergola without detracting from the aesthetics of the design. The result? A streamlined structure that is a perfect match with contemporary architecture.



It is important for a design to be aesthetically pleasing, but what’s even more important is that it functions properly and can be used safely and easily. The SO! scores well on all these points. Not only that, we also ensured that it can be installed easily and quickly, without requiring any difficult operations. The result? Order your SO! on time so that you can enjoy it all summer long!



The principal driving force behind developing the Pergola SO! was fun and enjoyment of the outdoor experience. Being able to enjoy your garden or patio every moment of the day, in every season, is of crucial importance. The SO! should be a peaceful oasis, where you can experience the most fantastic moments together with your friends and family. Where you can host a party, lounge about, chill out, play a video game, relax, eat, drink, etc. In a nutshell: where you can do everything that makes life more enjoyable.

CEO Winsol, Xavier Costenoble

5 winners in the ‘Garden’ category

Xavier Costenoble - CEO Winsol

“We are extremely proud that Winsol was selected as one of the five winners in the ‘Garden’ category. It is the crowning achievement of a year of hard work by a super-motivated team that spared neither time nor effort to ensure that this project would be a fantastic success. Because we are solidly convinced of the many qualities of the SO! and that this brand-new pergola is the answer to a concrete demand on the market we have already started tapping into foreign markets. A number of SO! Pergolas have since been built in Spain and other countries are expected to follow soon. ”

SolarFix won the Red Dot Design Award

Winsol has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award - 2nd year in a row

Winsol continues to innovate and  stays at the same time focussed on sustainable solutions. For example, with the SolarFix exterior sun protection powered by solar power. The 2nd product from Winsol that was awarded by the jury of Red Dot!

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