Also suitable for large outdoor seating areas

How about covering your outside seating area in order to create more spaces and seating? It’s a good idea. You can join different SO! modules together, which means even large areas can be protected. This is what Trattoria Kaai in Boom (Belgium) did with a Pergola SO! Star constructed from 3 modules.

Linked Pergola SO! Trattoria Kaai Boom
Restaurant patio roof Pergola SO! Linked Pergola SO! at restaurant Pergola SO! glass sliding wall Pergola SO! detail of the led lighting Pergola SO! detail of the infrared heating Linked Pergola SO! restaurant Restaurant with a Pergola SO! patio roof Pergola SO! patio exterior view Linked Pergola SO! Star - 3 SO! modules Linked Pergola SO! with opened louvres

Sheltered, but with a clear view

Side closures such as sliding glass panels and screens ensure the necessary shelter and sun protection. In the Spring and Autumn, the SO!’s infrared heating keeps the space warm while the Bluetooth speakers stream music to create any mood.