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Pergola SO!

Enjoy the outdoor living experience every day of the year.
  • This new terrace covering by Winsol combines a sleek design with hightech gadgets, so that you can fully enjoy the outdoors
  • Do you love the warmth of timber? The Pergola SO! now also comes with slats that look like real oak! Find out more about this innovation.
Pergola SO!
SO! Connected



  • Control the various options and functionality of the SO! with an app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Traditional remote control on request
  • The patented intelligent solar tracking system monitors the sun’s position to calculate the ideal position of the louvres
  • You can just relax and enjoy a new way of outdoor living

SO! Smart

  • Option 1: You adjust the opening of the louvres yourself.
  • Option 2: The louvres will spontaneously adapt to the sun’s position depending on your geolocation.
  • Option 3: The louvres are adjusted throughout the day, based on the incidence of the sunlight.
SO! Bright

SO! Bright

  • LED starry sky in the roof
  • LED strip with direct (warm) white lighting - adjustable warm/cool light
  • Dimmable LED strip with direct warm white light
  • Indirect RGB lighting for an endless array of color
  • Dimmable spotlights


SO! Music

SO! Music

  • Easily link your smartphone to SO! using Bluetooth.
  • 2 or 4 discreetly integrated fully waterproof speakers
  • You no longer need external speakers to enjoy some good music in your garden or on your terrace.
SO! Easy cocooning


These options make sure you're extra comfortable!

  • Stylish heating elements: 2600 W capacity infrared
  • Subtly integrated USB and 230 V sockets
  • Bracket to which you can attach your beamer, your film or game is projected onto the wind-resistant screen
Pergola SO! Winsol

SO! Flexible

  • SO! Pergola on any terrace, regardless of the shape or surface area
  • Several possibilities as a dependant construction/wall mounted
  • Self-supporting configuration possible
  • Swift and easy installation by experienced teams
Louvres that look like real wood

SO! options & finishes

  • New – Louvres with a wood look finish
  • Wind-resistant screens - can be added at a later stage
  • Wooden partitions
  • Glass partitions
  • Rain sensor
  • Wind sensor